Meet the Wanderer:

Welcome! I am a New England native who moved to New York City to pursue further education and to push myself out of my comfort zone. In the years since, I have explored myself, and other people. I have wandered to new places, and have drank more than my share of whiskey with strangers. I’ve also pushed myself to become the very best version of myself, focusing on my wellness – mentally, and physically. I have experienced some incredibly beautiful moments, as well as a few questionable ones. These are my experiences in the form of snapshots, poems, and essays. Out of order. I hope to bring you on a literary journey, showing you the places I’ve been, and feeling the emotions that have consumed me. Enjoy!

The Wander

If you’d like to really know,
spend a day in the trees,
and listen to the crickets chirp.
Chase after fireflies by a campfire.
What do you feel
when they leave your grasp?

Sit by the Atlantic ocean,
and dream of what’s on the other side.
Climb to the top of a mountain,
and yell out what’s on your hearts mind.
Listen as it bounces
right back to you.

Trace the calluses on my hand,
and the stretch marks on my thighs.
Memorize the irises in my eyes,
as they fade from green
to orange, to dark.
Then maybe you’ll see me.

If you’d like to really understand,
close your eyes and fall into your thoughts.
Place your head on my chest,
and listen as my heart races faster
and faster,
then you’ll know.

Our souls are aligned.